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  SERIES 3100
  Give your room the look you always wanted with the Series 3100.
  Wide aluminum style framing makes a bold statement. An aluminum
  frame and track mirror bi-pass, with rolling bottom and top guided on
  an engineered “jump-resistant” track system.

  SERIES 4100
  Give your room the mirrored wall look with the Series 4000 frameless
  system or the fine detail of the thinline. Both will add elegance to any room.
  Series 4000 frameless comes standard with polished edge mirror or you can
  order them with 1/2” bevel to add that extra touch of elegance.
  SERIES 6000
  Add the room the illusion of the larger squared footage. The Series 6000
  offers smooth operation as well as long-lasting durability.
  Series 6000 comes standard with frameless polished edge mirrors, and
  are protected by the “edgeguard” feature.

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